Alicia. L

Alicia. L

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I am a bit of a veteran as a dancer on the stage of Metro City I became a dancer in 2004 J I have come and gone and now I am back for good.

2. Can you share with us the best advice you've ever received?

A teacher once told me “never lose my ability to see the silver lining behind every cloud”. To this day I still use this!

3. What’s your dance style and influences?

Style, i have a mixture ranging from jazz, hip hop, with hints of contemporary to latin. I am a big lover of Camillo Lauricella & Alex Bullon their choreography is fresh and full of attitude! I am also mesmorised by the effortless beauty ballet dancers have.

4. Every dancer I’ve met seems to have an accessory they hate dancing without, what’s yours?

A big cheesy smile! Dancing makes me happiest, fills me with the most amazing energy so I never go on stage without a great smile!

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