The magic of accessories

on Monday, 30 January 2012. Posted in Fashion Blog

The magic of accessories

You can make a great impression by wearing the right type of accessories. Never forget that they present a world full of opportunity when used correctly, from pulling together unrelated pieces to transforming an outfit on a moment’s notice.

By Lucy Quiroz

You can play around with accessories, they can add focus to your top part, highlight your face, accentuate your figure, and the most important thing, they can add some colour to particular boring outfits. Also, you can use them to look taller, thinner, fresh, elegant, and impressive or whatever you wish to look.

With the right accessories you can convert a pale and boring outfit in a magical, colourful, chic and fashionable dress. Just you need to start understanding how to accessorize correctly and putting these little master pieces to work together for you, and then you going to have the capacity to create your own distinct style!

Accessories are sexy, fashionable, romantic and elegant. The can give you a total chic appearance for any occasion.  Keep in mind that you could wear the same dress to a bridal shower, a barbeque, the theatre or a party, one dress, lots of different possibilities and accessories are your best friend to make the different.

Find your style and let you imagination fly in a world full of colours, sexy and romantic. Give life to your outfit and look radiant on any occasion.

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